Putting Retailers onto the Blockchain

Smart App Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a specialist software development company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Current development includes a cryptocurrency based payment system, rewards system and analytical software applications for use in over 20 000 retail outlets through-out Africa. Our focus is on mobile solutions as we believe this to be the future.

Smart App Technologies (Pty) Ltd (SAT)

Smart App Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a startup joint venture, established in 2016, to develop tokens on a Blockchain and an associated secure digital wallet.

Prometheus inc. (Pty) Ltd

Prometheus inc. (Pty) Ltd established in 2015 is a Blockchain consultant company with an international list of clients from legal firms to large retail chains.

Griescon (Pty) Ltd

GRIESCON (Pty) Ltd was established in 2013. Technology experts focusing on business development in Africa, including sales, marketing, regulatory and legal.

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